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Service Description/Definitions
A) Full Service Groom (FSG) includes:
   1. Bath: basic cleansing shampoo and coat conditioner
   2. Dry: towel and forced air blower
   3. Ears: clean and pluck hair if able
   4. Teeth: brushless enzymatic spray only
   5Toe Nails: clip and or dremmel
    6.  Pads: trim hair under pads
   7. Sanitary-Trim: clipper trim private parts (under hood and muffler area)
    8.  Facial:  blueberry tearless face treatment
   9. OPTIONAL: Pet Cologne, Bandana or Bow
B) FSG & Trim: clipper or scissor trimming around edges (neaten-up): skirt, paws, beard,  visor, pantaloons (rear thighs), tail
C) FSG & Haircut (HC): clipper, scissor cut or shave that takes the coat down in length includes trimming furnishings: i.e: Puppy (Teddy Bear) or Breed haircut
Basic Grooming Service Fees
Dog Size/Weight      FSG Only    FSG + Trim    FSG & HC/Shave
20 lbs. & Under            $60               $70-75                 $75-80
21 to 40 lbs.                 $65               $75-80                  $80-85

Additional fees may apply based on breed cut or/and temperament.
Additional Products & Services
D-Shedding ($15 to $30) bath brushing to remove dead hair, brushing during shampoo & coat-conditioner  process, followed by high velocity blow dry.
Special Skin Shampoo ($5 to $15) To help with dry skin, hot spots, irritations, flea bite blistering, and various sensitive skin conditions.
Flea & Tick Shampoo ($5 to $15) Only offered as last appointment for the day. Shampoo must remain on coat from five to ten minutes. 
Dematting or Detangling Coat is time consuming and uncomfortable for the dog. Additional fees are discussed with dog owner during service pre-assessment. 817-532-2472
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